Nicole Carnt is a highly accomplished ophthalmic researcher graduating from the University of NSW in Optometry in 1989; she then went on to work in private practice for 10 years before taking a position with the Brien Holden Vision Institute in 1999.

In 2008-12 she completed a PhD on Epidemiology of Contact Lens Related Infection and Inflammation, whilst also working as a part time project manager at UNSW and was awarded several research awards including the British Contact Lens Association Dallos Award 2010 and 2015 and the American Optometric Foundation Vistakon Research award 2011.

She was awarded a National Health and Medical Research Centre CJ Martin Biomedical Fellowship Early Career Fellowship at Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney in 2012 and spent the first 2.5 years at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, Europe’s largest tertiary eye hospital.

Until recently she was a member of the Ocular Repair Group at Save Sight Institute and is now with the Centre for Vision Research at Westmead Institute for Medical Research.